Somebody recently told me that the mere word "wrestle," spoken aloud, could make him hard.  It was an observation I can relate to.  "Wrestle," "wrestler," "wrestling," all work for me the same.  "Rassle," especially when stretched out in an Alabama drawl, can practically make me jizz in my pants.  Expressions like "X pinned Y" and "X beat up Y" and "X gave Y a good licking" can induce a mild delirium.   If you ask me, "suplex" is a six-letter poem, complete in itself.  My favorite names for boys are "Matt," "Butch," "Scoop," and "Flex," and will remain so until "Figure Four Leglock" joins the list in The Complete Book of Baby Names.

Right up there with these is "rematch," which instantly connotes "grudge match" to me.  What a rematch promises is a contest between two rivals already acquainted with the other guy's tricks.  Few things offer more pleasure than to watch two skilled wrestlers in action, who from experience know each other body and soul.  And a rematch means the two have unsettled business, some bones they'd like to pick in a second, third, fourth turn together.

Last year at Krushco, Krush and Al worked each other over pretty good in "Sprawl 'n' Brawl," "Sleeper Hell," and "Twisted."  It's good to see them facing off again in the company's latest release for download (Underground Wrestling 59).  Krush is at his best once he's warmed a guy up.  (His many matches with Lucien are almost too easy now.  The two have practically grown into one man, two sides of the brain at war with one another.  Not a serious complaint, though.)  Al, a smaller wrestler with a strong back and thick hairy thighs, gave Krush a good run for his money from the very first showdown, and getting on the mat with the aggressive giant a fourth time seems like it's an itch Al's been wanting to scratch for a while.

It's a good rough match, like we're used to from Krushco.  Chokes are applied.  Punches are thrown. The two know each other well enough to be able to shift the balance of power from time to time, but not so well as to drain the fight of a few surprises.  The contest is photographed in a single shot from a low angle against a partitioned white screen, almost like a scene from an Ozu movie (if, that is, Ozu ever shot a wrestling match).  Al is scrappy and nimble, totally comfortable going up against a man Krush's size.  The two breathe heavily from the beginning, as much from concentration as from physical exertion.  Krush has the edge in experience, but Al brings the sort of exuberance I like in a mat fighter--constantly rebounding, never entirely down, mind ever alert to gaps and opportunities.  As usual, the object is not to win (or lose), but rather to give every second of the bout every ounce of muscle and focus at their command ... and the thrill, of course, of topping another dude, whose toughness and skill you know and respect.


  1. I LOVE this latest bout from Krushco, I've watched it 3x already-amazing action

  2. Like everything else Krush, this match against Al is a total turn-on to me! I love it when Krush immobilizes Al and puts him on display for the camera, and then asks Al if he is ready to submit. How humiliating!


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