When I passed on the word about a mixed-gender doubles clash in August, I commented that in my mind the "real fight" was between the two boys.  On September 11th, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling gave us the real fight, and what a fight it was!  Neck and neck, until Alex Plexis, 6'1", 166#, nailed Artemis Spencer, 6'0", 175#, in the closing seconds.  Spencer, adherent of the Church of the Divine Prophecy, exchanged heated words with Plexis's tag partner Billy Suede before the event, working up his righteous indignation against his opponent, but even divine intervention (illegal) from fellow Church man "Dastardly" Danni Deeds did not save him from the force of Alex Plexis.  The four will clash again, together as tag partners, in a couple of weeks at another ECCW event.


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