You Messed with the Wrong Mexx

Awesome Austrian Mexxberg is losing some "cute" in the process of increasing his "iron."  Now he's got a sort of bovine quality, but, hey, it works for Tim Tebow!   But I can't help but mourn the cost to the pretty boyishness of  Mexx's face.  I still have only a vague notion of what Mexx and his Euro bros D-Animal, A Pex, Tom Venice, and (swear to God I'm not making this up) Gizmaster are like in the ring.  I've seen the YouTube stuff, and it looks all right.  But I want close-ups, people.  I'm beginning to think Claudio Castagnoli needs to bring them all over to ROH.  A man can't have too many very European he-men in his corner.  Photos from German Stampede Wrestling.


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