Hades, Friday Night

Nothing here that I haven't seen a hundred times before, but it couldn't hurt to take another look at Dreamwave's new world champion.  Jason Hades beat Nick Brubaker last weekend in a steel cage match, winning the belt.  I have nothing to report about this weekend's match, who he fought, how he fared, at whichever lucky venue he showed up for whatever promotion this past Friday.  It just does my heart good to see those cheekbones, that nose, those shoulders, that belly with its taut, cropped navel, and those thighs.  

The choker and the white firebrand insignia bring the whole picture nicely into focus.  

At a time when the country's government exhibits the dismal effects of four decades of criminal neglect and mismanagement, with one party out of touch and out of new tricks, scratching the bottom of the barrel for bumper-sticker platitudes and passing off "crazy" for "strategy," and the other party, brainy but paralyzed, making a fetish of consensus, instead of nutting up to bust some fat-cat ass and speak unpopular truths the jaded public nevertheless needs to hear, I find it restful in troubled times like these to have something strong, noble, brave, and beautiful to fix my eyes upon.


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