Patrick Bentley

He's been around a while, but the first I heard of this Alabama hunk was during my interview last weekend with photographer Blake Arledge, who shared his stunning photo of Patrick Bentley, b. 1983, 5'10", 200#, posing in the ring mid-match.  According to Arledge, the shot has garnered more comments than the photographer's accomplished action shots.  I can understand why and am even tempted to argue that the bodybuilder-wrestler's body in repose is twice the action as many matches at full throttle--but I won't argue that ... I can't ... it would be pure hyperbole to make such a claim and it is, quite frankly, unsupportable.  But I like this man, one, for his Tarzanesque hair and physique (always a sucker for Tarzan, always was, always will be) and, two, for the hard, earthy lines of his face--if I were a painter I'd cast the guy as Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  And still there's something distinctly "American" in his look, his attitude, and his physique.  Sometime in the past year the wavy hair has been cut closer to the skull, but the man is still an eyeful.  


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