Sunrise, Sunset

Stoney Hooker's not the wet-behind-the-ears kid anymore.  As of three months ago, he's the cruiserweight champion at Champions with Attitude, and he's moved rather quickly in the past couple of years from lithe youth to thick slab of man.

As the years pass, his inchoate "cuteness," part kewpie doll, part high-school jock, has morphed into heroic manliness.  He still looks like sex on a stick, even as, troublingly, his face begins to combine attributes of Don Johnson and the Reverend Billy Graham (much younger versions of both, needless to say, and both of them knockouts in their day--Johnson's porn heat plus Graham's chiseled Book of Judges forehead and jawline).

And Hooker's busier than ever according to his text messages on Facebook, which suggest he might be barhopping in Panama City, Florida, tonight with TJ Mack and Aden Chambers (lock up your daughters!) after a great tag-team brawl in Eufaula, Alabama.  These grueling car trips sound like a lot of fun, but exhausting, as Hooker himself put it this morning, "Sometimes I question my dedication but never my Awesomeness!"


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