Two Count

Two years ago today, I started this blog mostly as a means of exploring my kinks and the wrestling fantasies I have had since childhood.

I am genuinely surprised it has lasted this long, given my fundamentally fickle nature, and even more surprised that many people--visitors (regular and sporadic), wrestlers, photographers, and promoters--have supported it.

I started out thinking it would basically be a space for me to self-publish a few erotic combat stories, which, I had hoped, would reflect the hardboiled style of the serie-noire detective stories I love, from Chandler to Spillane to Ellroy ... hence, the word "hardboiled" in "hardboiled wrestling kink."  But I haven't written stories in any style this past year, other diversions stealing my time.

That said, I have been thinking for a couple of months now that I'm pretty much spent on the idea of the blog altogether.  I have not entirely exhausted my interest in the subject, but I've come pretty close.  And two years seem like plenty of time to blah-blah-blah about almost anything.

The experience has been nothing but fun ... gratifying, in that a lot of you have freely and entertainingly shared your kinks with me ... and I thank you all for your candor and good humor ... and it is fun to share erotic fantasies through a medium that promotes anonymity (or whatever measure of anonymity one desires) and a poor man's version of celebrity, both at the same time.  As I have said all along, the blog is for my personal amusement only, but that takes nothing away from the pleasure of finding out that several of you are as pervy as I am.

So looking towards a third year, I can't state my intentions with any certainty.  It was never my intent to turn this blog into a business venture, or to continue it past the day it ceases to be fun.  I'm not saying that I've reached that day today, but I do sense that that day may be looming.

I am not an expert on the subject of wrestling, combat arts, and/or bodybuilding, and I don't pretend to be.  My primary resource has been my own kinks and the nagging sense that they are somehow important ... to me, if not to anybody else.  Consequently, my commentary here has been running thin lately, and I have been repeating myself unnecessarily.  I'm not tapping out just yet, but if this is the two count, I'm quickly wearing down, and I may not heave free by the count of three.  (Whatever that means ... the metaphor seemed to make sense when I wrote the title.)

As I did for last year's first anniversary, I'm re-posting ten of my favorite action shots that appeared on this blog over the past year, in no particular order.  I'm not the photographer, just a huge fan of the photographers' and wrestlers' work recorded in these images.

Wrestle hard, buddies.  Stay tough.  Give 'em (everybody) hell.

Pictured above:  Benjamin Sailer, Rob James, Fergal Devitt, Atsushi Aoki, JC Westler, ?, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Max Boyer, Viking 2, Michael Knight, Steve Douglas, Pretty Boy Roan, ?, Alex Avgerinos, Stoney Hooker, TJ Perkins, Zack Sabre Jr, Brandon T, Bad Bones


  1. Now, Joe, you just stop all such talk of quitting. I forbid it. You merely need to take the blog in newer directions that will restore your verve once more. Think of the rest of us (he said selfishly). It's 7:21 AM and you may have just ruined my day. Your blog was my morning paper.


  2. From this end, your commentary most certainly does not run thin! I love your insights. I find comfort and inspiration in so many shared tastes and opinions, and I love even more the rare occasion when our tastes diverge and how it sends me digging around inside myself to reexamine what it is that makes my wrestling kink so enriching and arousing for me. I know the work and time involved, so I completely respect finding yourself flat on your back between counts two and three. I'm hoping for a fiercely defiant lift of your shoulder, and your entertaining and inspiring words to continue and continue to evolve!

  3. Yo, Joe, kick out of that two-count and keep at it. For my own totally selfish reasons, of course. Seriously, though, I would be one despondent dude if it happened, but would certainly understand. Burnout is not to be taken lightly. Keep doing it, and keep making it fun for yourself as well as the rest of us. We're here for ya. Thanks for everything, now and in the time ahead.


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