And You Can Tell Everybody That This Is Your Song

"Dangerous J" Jaysin Strife's "open letter" to Akira Tozawa, following their October 22nd Magnum Pro Wrestling match, comes the closest any pro wrestler has come to expressing the homosocial (if not homoerotic) frisson of wrestling competition that is the subject of this blog.  One half postmortem, one half mash note, it expresses the passion of combat and the mutual admiration of the combatants, directly and even rather movingly.
I'm in Southern California.  It's the middle of the night.  I'm so hot it's like I'm on fire.  Look at me steam, my breath, my body, my bloody toe, all of em.  Tozawa, I told you I was going to take it to another level tonight.  And I kept up on my bargain.  Now I may not know what you said about me before this match, but I can only hope it was good things.  And tonight all the good things I thought about you, you stepped em up, my thoughts about you.  Up higher, my admiration, up higher.  Tozawa, you gave me an absolutely hell of a fight.  My adrenaline is still flowing.  My heart, it's still pounding.  And I can feel, in every ounce of my being, everything that you did to me.  And the scary thing is that I liked it.  I absolutely loved it.  And with all this said and done, Tozawa, I avenged my loss.  I got my pinfall.  It didn't come easy, though.  I had to use the Beijing cocktail.  And there's a reason that people get only one serving of it, because they don't get up.  And that will reflect in the footage.  Tozawa, you are a hell of a fighter.  When the opportunity arises for us to stand across the ring from one another again, I will gladly sign on the dotted line and do it all over again, bronchitis and a broken back and all.  Thank you, Tozawa.

Photo: Lance Kreamer


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