Anthony Stone Talks Up Beyond Wrestling

You have seen him before, elsewhere under other names.  Here Anthony Stone is on YouTube singing Beyond Wrestling's praises.  As most of you know, I am a fan of this hardcore indy promotion, specializing in eccentric, death-defying, and wise-ass silliness, with so much energy and such big smelly nads it's difficult not to like these guys.  Only total fucknuts and bunk-ass pantywaists would fault these guys (and the occasional totally amazing ballbusting amazon) for having a little anarchic and sometimes close-to-fatal fun at the expense of decency, law&order, sportsmanship, the gods, and Vince McMahon.  Just my opinion, to which I am entitled.  Just watch these guys sometime.  They grow on you.  I mean it, they do.  Yeah, I'm drinking.  So what?  Aw, shut up.


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