My order is in.  Bard's preview was wary and pessimistic, yet enticing enough to hook me.  Shit, who am I fooling?  With shots like these, even had Bard waved red flags and screamed that to go further spells certain doom and destruction, I would have stood in line to hand my money over to the sticky fingers of Raging Stallion.  Even if the best of the fights in Brutal are summed up already in these (staged) stills, even if (as is likely) the action can never measure up to the drama and heat of these brilliant (fucking brilliant) photographs, I am willing to swallow the hype, all of it, just aim it at the back of my throat.  These images would be hyperbolic even by Bollywood standards.  Yet, even as a kid, I was the boy who shot his allowance on tickets and popcorn because of a juicy picture of Steve Reeves on the poster.  A sucker born every minute, yeah, I got that in me too.  But I'm telling you, this photographer, whoever he is, is an artist, and these images are indelible and iconic of my deepest, saltiest desires.


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