Defining Cameron Mathews

One of the awesome things to watch over the past two or three years has been the shaping up of Cameron Mathews, 5'11", 189#, who turns 25 in eleven days, having wrestled professionally since age 15.  We have seen the ubiquitous indy jobber at BG East, Cyberfights, NWA on Fire, Ring of Honor, and Thunder's Arena, and, beyond those five, Mathews has hit almost every small fed east of the Mississippi and north of the Everglades.  Through it all, he has stuck with the same ring name--a ballsy move for a pro wrestler working in both mainstream (straight-defined) and underground (gay-defined) venues.

In the last year he's redefined himself as a much more formidable opponent in the ring and drawn nearer to realizing his self-assigned nickname "Champ."  His arms, shoulders, chest, and thighs have achieved better definition, as well, as these photos confirm.  Still boyishly cute, Cameron now has a taut lean face, a harder glint in his eyes, the better to accentuate his high cheekbones and rugged jawline.  From certain angles, he now resembles the actor Ben Affleck (who's undergone a similar physical transformation--did anybody else see The Town?  Woof).  Like Affleck, Mathews has pushed his own career forward through stormy, ego-deflating waters.  From the beginning, he has taken the initiative and done what it takes to survive in a harsh and high-risk profession that saps the spirit out of many a man.  Tirelessly self-promoting, he maintains his own web site, signs autographs for the fans, and graciously responds to questions from pervy little blogs like this one.

(Top photo unattributed, but all the rest belong to Paparazzo)


  1. I've noted Cameron does the "tie the wedding ring around the neck" AJ Styles thing - did he get married?

  2. I am not sure. A couple of years ago he listed a wife on his MySpace page. His current Facebook page lists no marital status but affirms, for the record, an interest in women.

  3. I agree with your Ben Affleck comparison, and in some angles, I also see actor Chris Klein.

  4. Cam is that rare combination of Ferris Bueller, Dennis the Menace and Zac Morris of Saved by the Bell. A great young talent.


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