Eliminate the Hate

At the first of the month, Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling launched its Eliminate the Hate campaign, to let its fans know that bullying kids perceived as different is uncool.  "There's no place in our schools for bullying," said Al Ovadia, the man in charge of TNA marketing, "be it based on a student's looks, race, sexual orientation or anything else."  Spike TV, home of TNA's weekly cable show, is broadcasting the anti-bullying PSAs, which will also be featured on TNA's DVD releases.   Wrestlers Mr. Anderson, Kazarian, and D'Angelo Dinero are featured in the ads.  Mick Foley blogged about the campaign, saying,
I ask the gay community to forgive me and my wrestling brethren for our cultural insensitivities of the past and include us [as] part of a movement that makes bullying and hate toward anyone, gay or straight, black or white, Muslim, Christian or Jew simply unacceptable. ... There is no way we can expect the gay community to mourn the losses of those they've lost or fight this war that needs to be waged all by themselves.  They need our help.  And it is my hope that all of us ... can stand together side by side--and gradually, collectively, deprive those flames [of bigotry] the elements of ignorance, intolerance and hate that bullying needs to survive.  
A week ago openly bisexual wrestler Orlando Jordan spoke with the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News to discuss his own experiences as a teen struggling with his sexuality in a hostile environment, recalling his painful shyness and the nervous breakdown that came of the combination of inner conflict and others' hateful behavior.


  1. BRAVO. What a wonderful message for Thanksgiving. Thanks for passing this along, Joe, and happy T-giving. David


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