I Am Large

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself, 
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
--Walt Whitman, Song of Myself
Here's a match that exhibits my ability to live. like Whitman, in almost constant contradiction with myself, to go with my vacillations on matters like the gay gimmick and slim, pretty-boy wrestlers and submission versus pro-style matches.

I like the long wavy hair of Matt Taven, who fought through a battle royal to challenge the NWA on Fire champ, triumphing over the likes of Chris Steeler and Cameron Mathews to get here.  I love his slack, dusky corpulence, which speaks of the bon vivant's fondness for pasta, sweets, and the easy life, always at war with his workout regimen, almost as much as I love the stormtrooper severity of Bobby Robinson, with his hard physique and stern haircut.   I am happy that both, so different in style, are tough competitors in this fight, but, for all my fondness and respect for Taven, I root for Robinson to pound his ass.

18 June 2010, NWA on Fire, Mexico, Maine (Photos by Paparazzo)


  1. "Bobby Robinson" is of course BG East and Can Am star "Donnie Drake" and I was searching high and low last week for this bit of info. You should tag this with "Donnie Drake", would have saved me about an hour. Both BG and Can Am have released new DVDs with him fighting that Jobe Zander who likes to ball and cock grab, both DVDs have "Bobby Robinson" here in sheer see through mini tights.

  2. Sorry for the inconvenience, anonymous buddy. Many wrestlers I talk about in these pages prefer that I keep their various ring names separate and distinct. They have families who follow their careers with interest, not all of whom are as open-minded as they (and we) are. An hour scanning photos of sweaty wrestlers is not such a terrible thing, though, is it?


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