Owen Phoenix

Happily, pro wrestling nabbed this lad before a boy band did.  The British teen is drawing a lot of attention on the Internet, with one fan cooing, "I could soooo get into wrestling if it became more ... of a twink sport!" and another getting more to the point by pleading, "Pin me, Owen Phoenix."  I really wouldn't mind more twinks in the sport either--or, for that matter, a ten count under Owen's slim but sweaty torso--though I find the meatier guys more mesmerizing in the ring ... usually.  If anyone wants to shoot a Harry Potter movie set in the rough and tumble world of pro wrestling, here's the guy you want.  Phoenix, 5'11", 174, who is either 16 or 18, according to different reports (though his rapid growth in the last 12 months would seem to support the former), holds the 4 Front Wrestling (4FW) British Junior Heavyweight Championship. Here he is fighting badman Richard Parliament in a recent LDN London Eye match, which he lost. 


  1. Wow! Agreed - PIN ME OWEN!!

  2. In the US, a phrase like "teen wrestling" has a different connotation. I guess the Brits have a more relaxed attitude when it comes to mainstream pro wrestling involving minors.

  3. God he's gorgeous~


    halfway through


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