Coming Untucked

For the record, I am a huge fan of nudity.  I like skin.  But sometimes desire is intensified by glimpses and sudden warm proximity to a body that was, until just now, covered.  I can't tell you how many times my breath has been taken away by a glimpse of treasure trail when a jock in a polo shirt raises his hand to ask a question in class.  Or similarly the flash of underarm hair spied through a short sleeve.  Or a man's abs when he's pulling off a sweater, causing the T-shirt to skim up his waist, but, for a brief second, he can't see you gazing at his shapely belly button because the sweater covers his face.

The pleasure of stripping is, of course, predicated on there first being a fully dressed individual whose body you want to see and touch.  I know that the received wisdom in homoerotic wrestling is that, next to nudity, briefs or skimpy tights are best, providing maximum skin-on-skin exposure, but there's something to be said for that moment of revelation when a pro wrestler strips off his jacket or shirt to reveal his gleaming muscles to adoring fans.  It is the suspension of gratification that gives that moment its electricity.

There's something to be said, too, for jeans and T-shirt.  Simplicity itself.  First, an opponent's T-shirt riding up to his ribs in the heat of a tussle is a pleasure arising from the eroticism of clothing.   Second, this contact is intensified when your shirt also hitches unexpectedly.  Third, cotton, unlike spandex, breathes.  The concept that jeans provide a second skin is not a new one:  the denim in jeans is famously adept not only at fitting the curves of the butt and thighs but also at taking on the heat of the body underneath it.  The friction of denim on denim, while not as immediately sensational as the touch of skin on skin, is highly charged.  Shooting your load against a button fly is a category of erotic sensation unto itself.

And, oh, what better way to round out the experience, than a schoolboy pin in sweatshirt and jeans in early autumn on a rain-soaked lawn!  Throw in an unzipped leather jacket, and heaven!


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