If I can play Amazing Criswell for a second here, I'd like to predict that in 2011 "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett is going to make a huge splash at Ring of Honor.  I think he will be current ROH champ Roderick Strong's bête noire--the two of them perfectly matched in rugged good looks, serrated physiques, and baditude--and quite possibly he will be the new champ by this time next year--his strongest competition there being Davey Richards, who may well snatch up the belt tomorrow at ROH's Final Battle.

Mike's been on my radar for about three years now, mostly through his work with Top Rope Promotions.  From the beginning he has struck me as a wrestler who can make it big.  Heh heh.  No, but seriously, he has the makings of a true champion--the face, the muscle, the heart, the gut, the knowhow, and the nasty.  This man is all prime red meat.  Here we see him giving and taking some licks with TRP Interstate Champ "The Maestro" Guy Alexander in a match from two weeks ago in Fall River, Massachusetts, photographed by Christine Coons.  Mike eventually wins on a technicality, a countout, so the two are scheduled to clash again next month, a decisive championship defense in a steel cage.


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