These shots from an early 2009 main event match for North Texas Wrestling Alliance illustrate the kind of big-boy action I love in pro wrestling--big-boned lugs who grunt n groan n sweat and play out the big drama of male aggression and determination in small venues, without fan magazines or fireworks.  The lugs in this case are Greg Symonds (in red and gold) and Aaron Eagle (in gold and black), an even match-up in brawn and meanness.  These guys are not so huge as to raise concerns about their health and pharma bills--here their bods look steak-nourished and cinderblock-built, sexy and tough without looking the least bit Vogue Hommes.  More important to me, they have no reservations about bumping up against muscle and skin and grinding their opponents down to pulp.


  1. That second photo from the just takes my breath away. ;-)

  2. Joe

    Here is one I found from Oz I know you'll enjoy. It's had less than 500 views and surely deserves a wider audience. Happy Xmas!
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