Fans do not have the patience for this sort of thing anymore, but I like the old 30-minute bouts that concentrated on matwork, slow, agonizing holds and quick, intricate exchanges.  The aggressor grunts, and the victim groans, and gradually the match mounts in intensity, as sweat mounts on the wrestlers' backs, with repetitive motifs to give it unity, like the movements of a classical concerto, until it swells to crescendo at the end.  A gentlemanly start degenerates into stiff forearm smashes and outright brawling, only to resolve itself at the end with a clean finish and a sportsmanlike handshake.

In this YouTube video on HitmanK68's Channel, we have an early 1960s match caught on kinescope, featuring French wrestler Gil Cesca versus Spanish wrestler Billy Catanzaro, two men so perfectly matched they could be interchangeable.  It's like watching clones wrestle.  Elegant, energetic, and exciting, it's one of the best matches on YouTube.


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