George of the Rumble

Put George Terzis in a bowling shirt and chinos, and he might not turn my head.  (Then again he might.  We'll have to put that one to the test one day.)  Put George Terzis in black tights and boots and in a wrestling ring, and I'm glued to him.  Whether in still shots or video, Terzis in the act of wrestling awakes something primordial in me that transcends his physical attractiveness in any other situation.  This is not just the power of wrestling, though it is that too.  It is the power of a wrestler in his prime, exerting the savage force of his body, disciplined by years of training.

These shots show Terzis in a tag-team match at Stranglehold's Bloodstock 2 in October 2009 in Toronto.  While their respective partners duked it out outside the ring, Terzis methodically took Matt Burns apart inside the ropes, singlehandedly, where it counts.  He did it the way Kong dismantled the T Rex on Skull Island.  With a dispassionate air of jungle justice.  He ripped into Burns, carried him on his shoulders and dropped him in a double knee gutbuster.  Old school as it gets.  I'm licking my grinning chops.

Photos: HellKat


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