Hands On

Our friend Comptroller sends us this three-month-old CWE link ostensibly to catch us up on "Hot Shot" Danny Duggan (for whom C. has something of "a thing," you might say) but really to give us a chance to soak up the implications of those arms.  Nice thing about T-shirts and other articles of clothing is that they draw the eyes to details we might otherwise take for granted.  Somebody needs to open a "petting zoo" for wrestlers' body parts, cause I would pay five dollars easy to touch those suntanned pythons with my own two hands.  (Then, too, there's Tyler Black's back ... Chris Masters' shoulders ... Aaron Bolo's thighs ... stuff like that.)


  1. aka Caleb Brand on BG East

  2. A petting zoo you say? Great idea! Who do we approach to create it?


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