Laguna Beach Bad Boy

Brady Roberts, 23, 5'9", 180#, out of British Columbia, has wrestled since age 15, almost eight years.  He works a variety of promotions in the western Canadian provinces and American states.  A competition bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and actor, Roberts bills himself as the "Laguna Beach Bad Boy."  Ah yes, the surfer gimmick, the convergence of two iconic devil-may-care sporting events and the stuff of  California dreamin', on such a winter's day!


  1. Joe,

    I hadn't thought about Brady in a while, but pederast that I am, I'm sure there is a circa age 18 youtube fight of young Brady saved somewhere among my playlists, along with numerous pics of him embedded onto the C drive of a computer I know longer use. Judging by the posted pics he is a great candidate for a Bodies Over Time post.....Bard, Bard...Bueller...anyone?

  2. His most recent matches:

    1 17.01.2015. Four Man Gauntlet: Brady Malibu defeats Billy Suede and MR2 and Pete Powers
    ECCW Ballroom Brawl 3 @ Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    2 03.01.2015. Billy Suede, El Phantasmo & Shreddz defeat The Entourage (Brady Malibu, MR2 & Pete Powers)
    ECCW Van-City Showdown 2015 @ Russian Community Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Matches I'd like to see: Kennedy Kendrick, French Stallion/Simon LeFort, and Pete Powers.


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