Timothy Thatcher, 27, 6'3", 224#, calls himself the "British Messiah."   Any half-wit can see the man is not exaggerating by much.  The man's got a body worthy of having a museum dedicated to it, if not a cathedral.  He's a heel who wrestles up in the Northwest states.  I wonder whether the surname is real or a wicked homage to the withered harpy who crouched over the UK for eleven years.  (I'm sorry, was that political?  I'm sure the PM had her fine points.  Democracy, equality, liberty, justice, and peace were not, unfortunately, among them.)  This particular "Thatcher" is noted for being not only a detestable bastard but also a fine technical wrestler in the "old school" of British wrestling.  As long as he keeps that muscular back, firm round butt, hairy chest, and snaggletooth snarl, he can be as detestable as he wants.  Here he is at an All Pro Wrestling event, aired this morning, wrestling Jody Kristofferson (Kris's son).  He lost the bout due to disqualification.


  1. How I loved reading this! I was watching the very same bout yesterday, and thinking to myself how much I enjoy watching Thatcher wrestle. His "detestable bastard" persona, technical ability, and impressive body are an absolute joy to watch in the ring. There are some lovely moments in this bout, starting from around 8:42, where Thatcher goes to work on Kristofferson's arm. A delight.

  2. Ian: The man is waaay too hot!

  3. Thatcher is a pseudonym. The son of Portuguese and British immigrants, Tim Moura was born in Sacramento CA and hadn't been to the UK until 2006.

    But still he Kay's a good back-story for his heel persona.

    And there's no question, he's hot!

    1. Thanks for the fact check, Almatolmen!


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