The Midas Touch


Over the weekend Cage Thunder and I discussed the allure of the wrestler's mask and the catharsis of unmasking.  One of the pivotal unmaskings in BG East history is Thunder's total demolition and humiliation of Goldenrod last fall in Masked Mayhem 7 (currently available on demand at BGE's Arena).  He beat the muscleboy on the mats, stripping away his phony-baloney championship belt (champion of exactly what?), made him beg for mercy, then peeled the mask from his face, no less handsome for being agonized, I might add, revealing him to be sensual Czech wrestler Peter Stallion, 6'0", 180#.

Not stopping with the mask, Thunder then skinned the upstart of the rest of his gear, forced him to pose, and then jerked the guy off for the camera, Stallion's sumptuous abasement for all the world to see.  After this, I'd be surprised if Stallion shows his face or mask around BG East again, but I hope he will--a rematch would be exciting, and I would love to see what Eddy Rey or Donnie Drake might make of this preening pretty boy.

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.


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