Here's a succulent shot of "Midnight Special" RJ City at Stranglehold Wrestling's Bloodstock 2 event in October 2009.  RJ opened his match against femme fatale Cherry Bomb with his loungey version of "The Impossible Dream."  It's a very sexy, juicy shot of this slick character,  but it might not have ever left my private file had I not stumbled across this pithy summary of the match's results:  "RJ dominated until Cherry grabbed him by the nuts and threatened to shove a stick up his ass."  Good writing!  And atta girl, Cherry.


  1. I remember viewing a match online where RJ City's manhood was deservingly struck by a direct blow from a female wrestler. I suppose misogyny only goes so far in the ring before you get in a world of hurt, especially when you're wearing shiny gold trunks!


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