Take What's Coming to You

Here we have a spectacular main event showcasing two of Florida Championship Wrestling's hottest competitors:  Byron Saxton, 6'2", 230#, former ring announcer turned heel, and Abraham Washington, 6'2", 220#.

This is pure catch wrestling, featuring two big, gorgeous men.

Saxton, a young arrogant stud is "taking life by the horns" by turning his back on FCW for the greener pastures of NXT.   Then, one week ago WWE's uber-heel Dolph Ziggler handpicked him as his new protege, just one example of the insidious new direction Saxton's career is taking.

And in this fight from Sunday, "a fight to end all fights" (as FCW honors the memory of announcer Gordon Solie by preserving his gift for hyperbole), Washington, the embodiment of the "FCW universe as a whole," is determined to put his former pal away once and for all.


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