You Have Got to Be Kidman

He wore too many clothes.  He was a good looking kid, a great face, but he belonged to the generation of wrestlers who adopted the look of skateboarding culture--not necessarily a bad look, mind you, for all its wigger styling, but not the right look for wrestling.  In his thirties, beginning in his WWE years (see the third picture above), he started looking like mid-1960s Rat Pack.  But in the nineties, in his heyday, Billy Kidman, b. 1974, 5'10", 195#, exuded enthusiasm, energy, and earnestness, the three blessed E's of the young.  He possessed a fit, agile body, toughened by training and (in time) experience, but his body was never his strong point.  He had one of those faces that just says "wrestling."  Something about the intense dark eyes, the raptor-like nose, and the sculpted jawline--those features on any body type would make me think about mats and body slams and ring ropes.


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