Monday, February 28, 2011

February Rankings, 2011

  1. Alexi Adamov
  2. Jersey Shore Jocks
  3. Lane Vasser
  4. Big, Sexy
  5. Tyler Reese
  6. Kenny and Paul
  7. '70s Playgirl Models I Would Like to Wrestle: Enriched and Fluffed Up Edition
  8. Mat Hunk
  9. '70s Playgirl Models I Would Like to Wrestle
  10. My Big Sexy Wish List
  1. United States (57%)
  2. United Kingdom (10%)
  3. Canada (6%)
  4. Germany (3%)
  5. Australia (3%)
  6. Japan (2%)
  7. France (2%)
  8. Spain (1%)
  9. Argentina (1%)
  10. Mexico (1%)
Seventy-six countries claim the remaining 14% of pageviews.

Oh Hell Yes!

Let's start with the clincher.  "Prince" Fergal Devitt pins "M-Dog 20" Matt Cross the way it's SUPPOSED to be done.  Damn, this makes me feel all quivery inside.  Irish star Devitt, 29, 5'11", 178#, is fine in so many ways--body, soul, moves--I can't even begin to count them.  And American wrestler Cross, 30 (still 29 in this match), 5'7", 177#, is mad-dog heel perfection.  This Premier British Wrestling match from last October confirms my conviction that the UK is still where it's at, wrestling-wise, and though, yeah, WWE and TNA are steamrolling their ways across Europe, the British fans simply have to realize that these promotions have nothing, nada, zilch to teach their wrestlers.  Sure, look to Mexico and Japan for a few touches of color.  Even look back to World Class Championship Wrestling in the good ole US of A of the 1970s for classic good-versus-evil angles, but do not (DO NOT) drink Vince McMahon's Kool-Aid, mates.  I'm begging you, don't!  That said, let's check out what else Devitt and Cross got right that night in Irvine, photographed by David J. Wilson ...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's hard to believe gay porn star Brett Mycles, 6'1", 230#, has been dead for four years now.  He died in his sleep of heart failure on February 25, 2007, at age 29.  Harder still to believe his name has never before been written in this blog.  He deserves a place of honor in these pages, if for no other reason than for his work in Can-Am's Wrestler for Hire (2002), in particular his climactic bout with Shane Steele.  In my opinion, WfH is a late classic in the genre of homo kink wrestling entertainment, as much for the unassuming beauty of its star as for the simplicity and clarity of its concept--dude with money who thinks he can wrestle pays a muscle hunk to give him a good licking, and then a cocky dude at the gym talks shit to the hunk and gets his for free.  I'm unfamiliar with Mycles' other titles for Can-Am, or with his work for Jet Set.  Most of these shots come from the archives of a friend of this blog and fellow Mycles fan, who wishes to remain anonymous.

What I Like

Not usually a fan of what I've seen of Dragon Gate, formerly Toryumon Japan, a Japanese promotion specializing in Mexican-style lucha libre.  In 2009, the company extended its franchise to the USA, mixing talent and ring styles from the two continents.  Sure, I like the idea of multicultural fusion and international flavor, but in practice, what I had seen of it, DG and I were not a good fit.   Not for me are the flipping, high flying, neon tasseled costumes, manic frenzy, and goofball comic characters.  Too Chikara for me, I thought.  But Scott Finkelstein's photos of a January event in Philadelphia show me that what I like can show up in unexpected places--and that maybe I need to give DG a second look.  What do I like?  If you haven't figured that out, you may have catching up to do, because I've been droning on about it in these pages for over two years now.  In a nutshell, I like matwork, long agonizing matwork, exquisite agony, muscle twisted to the tearing point, sexually suggestive holds, beatdowns, body slams, and buckets upon buckets of sweat.  I also like the guys you see here:  Masato Yoshino, Ricochet, Johnny Gargano, CIMA, Austin Aries, Akira Tozawa, Jigsaw, Cheech Hernandez, Chris Dickinson, and, new to me, RV1.

Candy So Not Taken


Last October, Marty Scurll, 5'8", 170#, thought it would be easy work to snatch the 4FW Junior Heavyweight title away from "it boy" Owen Phoenix, 5'11", 174#, fresh out of wrestling school.  He put the kid through the wringer, as you can see (here and here), but the youngster is not called "phoenix" for nothing, rising from the ashes when he caught a break and pinned the arrogant veteran quite nicely.  Word is that Scurll has not shown his face at 4 Front Wrestling since.

Then in January, a fellow teen wrestler with a lot of cheek and a bit more meat on his bones, the "Persian Prince" Behnam Ali, 6'1", 189#, challenged the champ, thinking a height and weight advantage would put the coveted title in easy grasp.  Young blood heats up quickly, and punches got thrown at the startup.  Still, Phoenix put the big guy in his place, handily, and retains his title still.  Next up for the popular "Opie" is Wild Boar, 5'6", 189#, brand new to 4FW and something of a wild card ... on March 12th.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lane Vasser

Reportedly, AJ Styles discovered Lane Vasser, 6'2", 200#, a year ago and recommended him to NWA, where he has wrestled since last March.  If you like em big, you're going to love Lane.  The man is impressive to look at, and that alone deserves a look and a mention in these pages.  The former high school running back is still learning the ropes--"a work in progress" one critic called him--but a lot of people are banking on this Gainesville, Georgia, man to be a star some day, perhaps in the vein of his mentor AJ.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Eddie Edwards, 6'0", 214#, is a fine looking man.  At a certain angle, he looks like somebody you might cast as Eddie, Ex Delivery Boy, in a production of The Rocky Horror Show.   At other angles, he looks markedly unremarkable, like a bland song leader slash youth director at a small Baptist church.  I find him immensely attractive sexually, though his body has a certain gelatinous quality that I find disquieting.  But, then, a lot of wrestlers I like have this quality--pulchritude slanted by a mild but unmistakable "ick" factor--like Michelangelo's David molded out of aspic and hard-boiled eggs.  

It is, I once heard on TV, precisely the disturbing quality that lifts the human form from mere "prettiness" to "beauty"--a distinction I have held on to since first hearing of it back in the 1970s (in the context of Barbra Streisand's unrepentant nose and its contribution to her unique elegance).  For me it's particularly a quality of men with chiseled features but whose skin looks like it might be cold to the touch--like vampire bodybuilders--Brad Pitt's sickly magnetism in Interview with the Vampire or Kellan Lutz in the Twilight series--or the wrestlers Ryan Taylor, Kurt Eriksen, Aaron Bolo, and Alexi Adamov.  And Edwards.

Looking at shots of Edwards like these--Mrs Id's just-published photos of a CCW event last May--I am drawn to his smooth, milky body--more particularly, my crotch lurches slightly forward, but then I recoil, imperceptibly, at the thought of the imagined coldness of the skin.  And it is the force of these contradictory impulses that makes me find him (and some others like him) maddeningly attractive.  The French have a word for this--and of course they would--frisson, difficult to translate, but meaning a sudden shudder no less exciting than disturbing--a thrill, we English-speakers might say.

Not everyone will respond to Edwards (or anybody else) the way I do.  Beauty being in the "ick" of the beholder.  And his opponent here, Tyler Tirva, 6'2", 211#, affects me similarly--an uncanny mix of eroticism and mild, pleasurable panic.

Things Get Tense for a Moment

John Bonello, 227#, pins Texan Bobby Colt, 246#, in a late 1970s Big Time Wrestling broadcast.  (Trivia: Bonello was arrested in Toronto in the early 1990s for attempting to hire an undercover cop to murder his wife of sixteen years.  Part of Bonello's pitch to the police officer posing as a hit man was that, as a pro wrestler, Bonello could be convincing in "selling" his grief over his murdered wife.  Her life thus spared, the wife pleaded with the court for her husband's freedom, claiming that her life would be "very empty" without him.  Bordello was sentenced to 18 months followed by 360 hours of community service over a three-year probation.)

The videos of the match are here, here, and here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Pretty Boy Pitbull

Kenny King, 29, 6'0", 230#, like WWE's John Morrison and The Miz, is an alumnus of the MTV/WWE  series Tough Enough.  For the past three years he has wrestled with Ring of Honor, teaming (in 2009) with Rhett Titus to form the All Night Express.  Like Titus, King was a protege of wrestler Austin Aries until Aries left ROH in October.  Big shoulders and a belly begging for a punch, not to mention a smug attitude that needs some cutting down to size, are what make King a sensation in the ring.  He's scheduled to face down Eddie Edwards--just about a perfect match in physique and meanness--tomorrow night in singles competition in Dayton, Ohio.


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