'70s Playgirl Models I Would Like to Wrestle

Responding to MAwrestler's comment on an earlier post, I conjured up a name I had not thought of in years:  Rock Pamplin, popular Playgirl model from the 1970s.  When, in some parallel universe, I have the chance to revise and edit my life--assuming that my current life is a rough draft I will get to proof before the first edition goes to press--I will call on Pamplin to step out behind the woodshed with me sometime around the spring of 1976.

(And, David White, I will be gunning for you next, pretty boy.)


  1. Oh, man, did I ever want Rock Pamplin when I was a teenager. Day-um!

  2. I missed that one altogether, Joe!


  3. Looking back on my old idolatries, I'm impressed with not only my own "good taste" (ha ha) but also the extent to which the ideal of masculine sexiness has changed over the past thirty years--from chest hair to six packs, from manliness to boyishness, from laid back to pumped up.


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