End of Story


This was the match that made the "Untouchable" Don Paysan, 5'10", 191#, the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation champ back in the summer of 2009.  It wasn't meant to be a championship match, just one more notch in Paysan's running feud with Alex Price, 5'10", 173#.  But earlier in the afternoon the freshly minted champion, Zaquary Springate III, angered AWF promoter Ron Hutchison by refusing to reenter the ring after being ordered to, so mid-match in Paysan versus Price, Hutchison decided to reassign title ownership to Paysan or Price, whichever wrestler won.  Paysan and Price were two good-looking youngsters, with markedly dissimilar ring personas, a contrast that was at the seat of their tumultuous and always exciting rivalry.  Paysan was the upbeat Italian hero of the people.  Quebecer Price opted for the dark-lord gimmick, entering the ring masked and wearing heavy black mascara.  Paysan won the match, but then Springate attacked him, claiming the title was still his, and this altercation drew in other AWF talent to separate the two.  In the end, in a stirring show of good sportsmanship, none other than old nemesis Alex Price handed the belt to Paysan, lifting him aloft to the acclaim of the fans.  Good story.  Roll credits.  In the spring of 2010, Don Paysan lost the belt to studly Jonny Puma, and in the fall Alex Price retired, due to concussions and other injuries sustained in the course of a colorful and reckless seven-year career.  (Photos by Mrs Id)


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