Jersey Shore Jocks

Like porn, pro wrestling rips off whatever else is getting a buzz in popular culture.  Just one of the many signs of the parasitical nature of show business.  This is nothing new.  Shakespeare scholars contend that Hamlet--the quintessence of theatrical brilliance--imitates an earlier play, now lost, possibly written by Thomas Kyd.  At one end we get Night of the Giving Head, and at the other, "To be or not to be," with the Jersey Shore Jocks somewhere in between. 

The Jocks (Chris D'Andrea, left, and Mike Dennis, right) have punctured a vein on the reality-TV show Jersey Shore, to feast on its most indelible stereotype--the salon-tanned and gym-toned Guido.  Still, in their own right, Chris and Mike are as hot 'n' meaty as pepperoni and have wrestled their way to the tag-team championship at National Wrestling Superstars.

Scott Finkelstein's camera caught the boys in action last Friday in Union, defending their belts against the challenge of Chris Steeler and Judas Young.  Steeler and Young pulled out every dirty trick in the book.  At the bout's climax, Steeler grabbed a hammer to wield against the Jocks, but learned a hard lesson when Dennis got his hands on the weapon, nailing the lid down on the challengers' hopes.


  1. jerseyshorejocksfuckmeFebruary 20, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    i would so suck there assholes

  2. there kinda cute but neither one of them has good abs or a solid core, somewhat sloppy looking, I saw them wrestle good presentation very amateur though.


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