Kenny and Paul

This year sees the third anniversary of the dismissal of University of Nebraska wrestlers Kenny Jordan and Paul Donahoe after nude photos of the two appeared on  My question is ... Is it too soon for somebody to shoot a video of these two (reportedly straight but gay-friendly) hunks on a mat together?  If you ask me, three years is plenty of time for old scars to heal and for stigmas to fade.  Maybe the reunion could even be shot in Nebraska.  Nude would be nice, sure, but I'd settle for skimpy mesh bikinis or form-fitting squarecuts.  A grudge match, maybe, leading to a teaming up to face a couple of other 125-133-pound-class wrestlers in a tag match in a ring.  As I recall, the dismissal occurred over the summer, so we've still got months for planning.  Maybe it wouldn't be in good taste, but it would make for a fine commemoration of a key event in recent kink wrestling history.  If nobody picks up on this, I will have to imagine the reunion in my fevered head, and there's no telling what untoward details this head is apt to concoct.


  1. Joe,

    with this post you may have passed a significant milestone in the history of the skull island blog, nudity, or at least full on hard on, my comprehension is not what it used to be and with brother bard's every other pic posting naked man flesh i may have gotten confused, but i do not remember a prior naked post on your fine blog.

    Keep up the good work, the home office has been reading.


  2. Glad you're with me on this one, Topher. I'm sure this isn't a first, but I can't say exactly when Ringside did lose its cherry. Scrolling down the page I see I have been rather preoccupied lately. Hm, maybe I need to get out more?


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