It's hard to believe gay porn star Brett Mycles, 6'1", 230#, has been dead for four years now.  He died in his sleep of heart failure on February 25, 2007, at age 29.  Harder still to believe his name has never before been written in this blog.  He deserves a place of honor in these pages, if for no other reason than for his work in Can-Am's Wrestler for Hire (2002), in particular his climactic bout with Shane Steele.  In my opinion, WfH is a late classic in the genre of homo kink wrestling entertainment, as much for the unassuming beauty of its star as for the simplicity and clarity of its concept--dude with money who thinks he can wrestle pays a muscle hunk to give him a good licking, and then a cocky dude at the gym talks shit to the hunk and gets his for free.  I'm unfamiliar with Mycles' other titles for Can-Am, or with his work for Jet Set.  Most of these shots come from the archives of a friend of this blog and fellow Mycles fan, who wishes to remain anonymous.


  1. Hey. Thanks for remembering Brett Mycles in these pages. It makes me think of two things: 1) I think a lot of gay folk, myself sometimes included, look at a guy like him and assume he must be a dick on some level, like his main motivation for hitting the gym is to make other guys look bad, or that he had an easy life. "Plastic" is a word that's often thrown out to describe someone like him. Truth, the reality behind the image, is usually deeper. Sometimes those guys are humble. Sometimes muscle is armor, a defense built up (literally) to protect against the judgments of others, or a reaction to an absolutely awful childhood or even just an attempt to make oneself feel more whole. Anyway, one of the deeper realities of Brett Mycles' life should be a reminder that everyone wants/deserves to feel like he matters.

    Secondly, I also think guys like Mycles don't really get the credit they deserve within this particular sphere. Whenever someone within the gay wrestling industry praises a performer, it's almost always someone who either works in the "straight" side of the business who's jumped to the other side, or a guy who wrestles for fun in his private life. Those guys all deserve credit, of course, for what they bring to the mat. But the overwhelming truth of the industry is that it's built on guys like Mycles, guys who may or may not ever wrestle in their own lives, may not even really be "fans" of wrestling, but who go to BG East, Can-Am, Thunder's, NRW, Rock Hard, et al., hoping to make a buck. Mycles, Brad Rochelle, Beau Hopkins, Troy Baker, Paul Perris, Mike Pope, Steve Sterling, even those nameless guys from the posing strap/beefcake era where gay erotic had to shield itself with the illusion of "action." Anyone can choose to dislike or even disregard those guys based on his individual tastes, but without them, there probably wouldn't be the sales and revenue necessary to keep the industry going. I just think it's a good thing to remember that now and then.

  2. Thank you, Josh, for your comment. I agree. My hat is off to the wrestlers for hire, those men, gay, straight, and bi, who play out our fantasy for us (sometimes WITH us) even though it's not their own particular kink. And no doubt the clumsy but good-natured tussle, given the right circumstances and the right tussler, can hold its own against a good 95% of stadium matches featuring pros.

  3. The best way to show respect to him, it's remembering him. These men aren't plastic talent, they are brave warrioirs who has the courage to shows us an wrestling style litle missunderstood. These hunks independently of their sexual orientation are serious well trained wrestlers. I talk about Mycles as alive because his work is seen and commented, he is with us in the way he want it, as the best star of his age in the sport he loves.
    Mycles used to defeat his foes on their own combate style. In case of Shane Steele, it's a match that makes a bunches of fantasies come true. Steele begins controlling the fight with strong grappling holds, Mycles knows the style too, sumarizing a great match, Mycles paid back the same holds with naughty creativity. Spectacular erotic painfull holds. I may see an epic bare hand war, a real competition between alpha males.
    I enjoy so much naked wrestling, specially to see these handsome males.
    Shane come to win but the sleeper hold wasn't enough, both of them left each other in testicular agony, eventhough was very large intense match.
    Mycles becomes to erotism god after epic victory on breathtaking stood who must to give up, when Brett tired him and finished him punishing throat, back, a ball, dick and bite to bicep in one hold.
    Brett Mycles damages to Shane Steele his male pride, functionally not.
    Shane in despite of being newbe as a hard contender and he could catch my attention, not only by his moves, he has a lean muscular body such ancient greek warrior and huge manhood that hipnotize me.
    Thanks for sharing their legacy.

  4. I like this match, these man really knows ballbust. None comes to gaming, Brett teaches the diference between to be a brave fighter and being a wrestler. I agree, terrific bodies.


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