Oh Hell Yes!

Let's start with the clincher.  "Prince" Fergal Devitt pins "M-Dog 20" Matt Cross the way it's SUPPOSED to be done.  Damn, this makes me feel all quivery inside.  Irish star Devitt, 29, 5'11", 178#, is fine in so many ways--body, soul, moves--I can't even begin to count them.  And American wrestler Cross, 30 (still 29 in this match), 5'7", 177#, is mad-dog heel perfection.  This Premier British Wrestling match from last October confirms my conviction that the UK is still where it's at, wrestling-wise, and though, yeah, WWE and TNA are steamrolling their ways across Europe, the British fans simply have to realize that these promotions have nothing, nada, zilch to teach their wrestlers.  Sure, look to Mexico and Japan for a few touches of color.  Even look back to World Class Championship Wrestling in the good ole US of A of the 1970s for classic good-versus-evil angles, but do not (DO NOT) drink Vince McMahon's Kool-Aid, mates.  I'm begging you, don't!  That said, let's check out what else Devitt and Cross got right that night in Irvine, photographed by David J. Wilson ...


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