Ryan Taylor

From a certain angle and in a certain light, when he can keep his hair out of his eyes, Ryan Taylor, 24, 6'0", 191#, looks a lot like Paul Dano, the guy who played the preacher in There Will Be Blood.  From another angle and in another light, he looks like John Cusack, circa Say Anything ..., only with longer, straighter hair.  Both looks are smart, kind, trustworthy, and suggestive of a sly, dark sense of humor, the kind of face I would want on a best friend, but they aren't exactly sexy, not to me, anyway.  What makes Taylor sexy is his voice.  He has a woodsy baritone, the consonants flavored with Southern California crunch--perfect for a midnight radio show.  And then, of course, there's the body.  Oh, yeah.  You know you're speaking my language when you've got thick, solid thighs and broad shoulders like these.

These shots show Taylor in action over the past year.  He's noted for his high-kicking offense--and ability to sell his opponents' holds with exquisite agony and then turn around and make the bad guys submit, wringing out their own version of exquisite agony--or to finish them neat and quick with a slam piledriver.  Having trained with Jesse Hernandez (fifth picture above), he started his pro career at Empire Wrestling Federation seven years ago next month.  In 2008, he defeated TJ Perkins to become the NWA Heritage Champion, but lost the title four months later.  Since October 2009, Taylor has been the EWF Heavyweight Champion.


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