Tricked Out Daz

What you have to understand, fellas, is that BG East only ever gave me the one video of Daz, 5'10", 180#--the classic Tag Team Torture 6--and that was, let's see, seven years ago.  That's just enough to rev up a kinda creepy obsession, but not enough to load up a blog on.  Not that I would actually dedicate an entire blog to the black rubber-wearing hottie, but it would be nice to have it as a possibility is all I'm saying.

And I wouldn't say the guy is, was, or ever could be totally perfect, though a few things about him I would not want to change--the buzzcut for one, the sledgehammer bluntness of his skull, the wispy goatee, the full lips, the heaped shoulder muscles, the coiled thighs, and the rubber-stretching butt.  

As BGE has effectively ensured that the rest of this fixation will have to be strictly the product of imagination, I feel entitled to customize my Daz.  So, to start with, he would lose the nipple rings and the small indecipherable tattoo on his left forearm.  These things don't bother me, mind you, but if I'm paying good money to pimp up my Daz, I should, I think, be able to get him pretty much however I want him.  

I could live with a somewhat more pronounced scar slicing through that left eyebrow.  I'd add on a couple of inches ... anywhere.  Let's add a few cords to those forearms, too--and, yeah, put some hair on those beauties, too--and on those thighs and calves, as well.  Speaking of hair, I'd like a sparse tuft to rest on his breastbone, and a dark, shiny ribbon to streak down from his navel and disappear right where his iliac furrow draws together.  

I'd like to see a bit more of that belly.  Without its going all flabby, I'd like to see it push a bit further out past the waistband.  

And, I almost forgot, would it be too much to ask for some jagged teeth?  Something in between early Cher and contemporary Steve Buscemi would be fine.  

And he needs to be able to withstand a good punch or two, sweat like a pig on prednisone, and moan incessantly when locked in a cross armlock.  And, while we're at it, let's upstep that gear with some leather laces up and down the front of those trunks.


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