Just caught on to Commando Sports Wrestling, specializing in gear (new and used) and videos of African-American wrestlers (male and female).  One wrestler in particular catches my eye:  Black Caesar, a hot slim number who wears his colorful satin trunks well.  This guy has appeared uncredited elsewhere in this blog.  I can't identify all the other fighters--and I don't know anything about Caesar apart from what I just told you.  But these pictures mesmerize--and, ooh, a hot tub match versus Kid Dynamite--my heart might stop.  (Stats and further information would be appreciated, you men who know these things.)


  1. Nice catch! I own the Black Caesar 2 video and it is SMOKING hot. He's a handsome man and he has a beautiful body -- just perfectly toned and sculpted. Good call on Dynamite, too. I'd let that little powerhouse work me over any time.


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