Happy Birthday to Kid Leopard

The Romans celebrated Mars, their god of war, on the Ides of March.  On this day, Skull Island wishes Kid Leopard, modern warrior and founder of BG East, a very happy birthday.  And thank you for the years of bumps, grunts, taunts, thrusts, strokes, and socks in the eye.


  1. Happy Birthday to Kid Leopard! Although BGEast just isn't what it once was to me. I used to look forward to those flyers in the mail so badly every 3-4 months and just flip right to the compilations of "Pro" stuff they would put together and compile with names like "American Classics part 11" or "Beatings 2". Those were my favorites. THEN I'd look at the first page.

  2. BTW, if Kid is reading this - I remember whoever wrote those catalogs used to love "Jerry Roberts" who of course was a young Jacques Rougeau. On "Beatings 1" there is a "house match" of him against a much bigger brute that has no audio other than all the girls screaming when he gets beaten, it's edited heavily. I'd pay a small fortune for that entire footage, Kid. It's the hottest pro match i think I've ever seen, Jerry sells like crazy and during the match he must have gotten some good shots in because the other guy is bloodied. Bet it went on for 30 minutes or so. My dream is to have that on DVD! All the You Tube Jerry Roberts footage is junk that was on TV originally.


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