Kain Unable

Kain is big enough and heavy enough to cause Krush some trouble, but in this video Krush's domination of the guy is right at 100 percent.  Krush has come out on top in legions of self-taped contests, for as long as I can remember.  The number of challengers who have come even close to turning the tables on him is countable on the fingers of one hand.  And in this match Krush repeatedly turns his scowling eyes to the camera, almost in mockery of his opponent's hopeless anguish, almost as if to say to the viewers at home, "This could be you."  (And "count yourselves lucky" ... or not ... depending on your unique set of tastes in wrestling.)

Two complaints, though:  one is the disjointed structure of the video.  I'm a fairly patient audience for wrestling.  I don't mind waiting through the long holds and near static stretches, when two grapplers are virtually paralyzed as their muscles strain together.  Here the action is spliced together out of individual strips--not all necessarily from different bouts, but not continuous either--all with the common thread of Krush in red trouncing Kain in green.  We are not watching a full match here, from beginning to end, but rather extended highlights of Krush delivering a prolonged asswhupping to an ill-prepared, though certainly not unsuspecting, most definitely not innocent victim.  We get an array of gestures--stretching, choking, unmasking--all linked by the common theme of Kain getting royally krush'd.  It's like we're watching Kain's private highlight reel of "My Day of Unrelenting Torment."

My second complaint is Kain's unfulfilled potential for dastardly badness.  In my review of Underground Wrestling 43, I commented favorably on Kain's talent for being a convincing and highly watchable heel.  We get little sense of that here, and I, for one, might have enjoyed watching his punishment more had I but a clearer sense of how much this man deserves the pain that Krush heaps upon him here--over and over again.

Squash jobs are not my preferred form of wrestling.  They have their place, to be sure, and in the past year I have warmed up to them significantly.  But whatever your tastes, Krush is one of the top go-to guys for this sort of thing, and with his big body and pounding intensity, it requires little suspension of disbelief to accept that Krush is entirely capable of crippling this poor dude.

Progressively over the past two years, we have seen Krush evolve from the equitable and sportsmanlike athlete we have long known him to be into a formidable and merciless bone crusher (and boner artisan--just check out that thang stretching Kain's singlet in the last half of this battle).  My hope is that, as his evolution continues, we also get to see Krush against some highly capable competition, and Kain perhaps has the stuff to fulfill this role in future Krushco product.


  1. I'm not sure what you mean here, I have been watching this match repeatedly since it was released a few days ago and I go completely ape shit whenever I see Krush working over anyone. Totally gets me boned and wanting more.

  2. Yeah, pal, it's an old story--just a point of difference I have with 99% of the gay wrestling fan population, I guess. I mainly get off on a well-matched fight with give and take, climaxing with a devastating and incontestable win. But Krush? There's no mistaking my affection for and admiration of the guy--the way he puts himself out there, holding nothing back, again and again, and the distinctiveness of his wrestling style and philosophy. I respect his fast and firm hold on his other fans, as well. And, as noted, I do see the appeal of the squash job and have definitely "warmed up" to the concept.

  3. Well, since joined Krush web-site I've been enjoying his vids (specially # 46 and now#66), and when this video came out I was like "duuuude that's manly"...You don't really need to "get off" on a match..This is the idea, to leave the rest to your imagination, it's up to you the how you take it..

  4. Watching Krush destroy his opponents turns me on like nothing else. If Krush really wanted to go full-force on his wrestling opponents he would make a "squash job" would look like a picnic! I appreciate that he takes his time, wearing and grinding them down, occasionally letting them get an advantage before turning the tables. But I also like it when he just relentlessly works them over. I agree that Kain is awesome -- very few men could take that much punishment.


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