Masked Hero Battles Skinny Heel and Kicks the Arrogant Dumbfuck's Lily-White Butt

Sure, I can get behind this scenario.  Tall stringbean heel, thinking he's got the stuff, taunts the crowd and stirs up heat.  The people look to the masked wrestler, lithe and mysterious, to dispose of this abomination and restore the moral order of professional wrestling.  The heel pulls out every dirty trick in the book to destroy the masked man, but the masked man hurls each trick back in his face.  Soon the heel's pasty skin flushes pink with the beating the masked wrestler dishes out, till in one brilliant and daredevil move, the masked wrestler knocks the heel's motherfucking lights out.  Sweet.  Classic.  Hot.  This version of the well-worn tale played out on March 4th at Adrenaline Fuelled Wrestling in the UK.  Tiger Kid trounced Colby James.  No, folks, this stuff never gets old for me.


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