Sam Houston

Three things you may or may not know about 1980s wrestler Sam Houston:  his half brother is Jake "The Snake" Roberts; his home near New Orleans, which he shared with his father ex-wrestler Grizzly Smith, was one of the casualties of Hurricane Katrina in 2005; and, also in 2005, an especially bad year for Houston, he was sentenced to ten years in prison for multiple DUI offenses (he was out and wrestling again in 2007, in his mid-forties then).  Troubled subsequent life aside, back in the 1980s, Houston was a golden-boy babyface, one of those perpetual rookies you sometimes find in pro wrestling, straddling the line between jobber and champ.  As one online commentator put it, "He wasn't a jobber but he would get beat like one."  (He perennially pops up on fans' "best jobbers" lists.)  Here he is in a terrific fight against Terry Taylor, a bigger, thicker wrestler, with whom he tag-teamed for a while, against whom here Houston manages to still look golden.


  1. Sam Houston was also married to the blonde Southern wrestling ringside fixture in the 80's "BabyDoll" who I think was much older than him at the time. You know those wrestling women who became famous in their days were the "cougars" of the time and went into the dressing room and pointed at their "dinner" for that night.

  2. gear has always been an erotic trigger for me, and Sam's "to tight" trunks always kept me interested.


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