According to his stats on Naked Kombat, Nikko Alexander, 5'8", 165#, bangs both women and men.  He's a versatile bottom and comes to the mats with high-school wrestling experience and three years of muay thai, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu training.  For that extra spurt such a regimen must demand, the man has three balls.  How do you argue a man with three balls?  You can't.  Only thing to do is drag him to the Dollamur and give him a good spanking--unless, that is, he's feeling particularly versatile that day.  So far he's made two showings on NK, versus Jake Austin and DJ, winning one and losing the other.  But in balls and bouts, it's quality not quantity that counts, and Nikko knows how to bring it to a sex fight.  Only wish I knew a little Greek right now.


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