World Class

It was all smiles before and after the Independent Wrestling Federation's main event  on Saturday in West Paterson, New Jersey.   New tag team sensations"All-Star" Austin Williams (184#) and rookie "World-Class" Karson Slade (190#), under the management of "Showtime" Joshua Maddox, took on and whupped the bigger, nastier veterans "High Definition" Chris Steeler (218#) and "The Mastodon" Franciz (400#).

Williams, maybe just a tad too white, and Slade, maybe just a tad too orange, pack a lot of pop with the fans.  Slade, a recent grad of IWF's wrestling school, is stunningly handsome, the boy next door you wish really lived next door, and both he and Williams show enough promise in action to suggest bigger things to come for the pair.

Two weeks earlier in singles competitions in Woodland Park, Slade defeated Steeler, thus atoning for a pair of January 28 losses (in separate bouts on the same night) to Steeler and "God's Gift" Aaron Stride, but future partner Williams lost to Franciz in a failed bid to seize the IWF heavyweight championship.  To my knowledge, last Saturday's event was the first time Williams and Slade paired up.


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