I have ventured a little further into Bulldog Wrestling UK.  I figured Battling Bulldogs 3 would be a safe bet, especially the match-up of Mike Martin, 5'7", 150#, in blue and gold, versus Marcelo, 5'8", 154#, in red.  It's a fight I have imagined many times, based only on these stills, but never till now seen in motion.  It does not disappoint.  Both wrestlers like to sweat, and their moves here remind me of the speeded-up grappling in old Tarzan movies--jerky, quick, lethal stabs of animal aggression.  They favor long, strenuous, hurtful holds, and neither is quick to tap out--so there's plenty to savor here if, like me, you relish skin sliding against skin and muscle forcing muscle to flinch, shudder, and buck.

I can't put my finger on it, but my Tarzan reference gets as close as I can get to expressing this particular kink for me.  It's the rhythm of high speed assaults interspersed with almost static tight squeezes, the taut bellies heaving in and out as the wrestlers gulp down air to withstand seemingly endless doses of pain.  It's two men recklessly hurling themselves into each other, like shark on sea lion.  It's the feverish knotting up of muscle, tendon, and bone, causing the larynx to squeak involuntarily.  It helps, too, that the two men know exactly what they are doing, they know the crippling moves, and they know (and test) how far the human body is able to bend.

(Little known etymological fact:  Our word "argh," mostly used as an interjection, derives from the Old Norse adjective "argr," meaning unmanly or homosexual--from which another derivative is the modern word "eerie.")


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