Lovers of a good scrap rejoice!  Kyle Matthews gives NWA/APW Southern States champion Anthony Henry a tough, solid 20-minute fight, 8 April 2011, each man giving his best and taking the best the other guy has to offer, climaxing with a neat, incontrovertible win (and, a plus, a show of honor and good sportsmanship between two competitors in the end).  Nothing much here for fans of a squash job.  Nothing at all here for fans of guys holding court with a mike in the center of the ring.  These guys are evenly matched, evenly prepared, evenly determined to win.  They've got nothing to say to each other they can't say with their fists.  Hot as hell.  Good times!


  1. Man o man, thanks Joe. Kyle Matthews is one of my favorites, and Anthony Henry is quickly becoming another. Very hot match. -David


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