Get Lucky

Here's a mystery for the ages.  Why is it that Germans, usually so generous about displaying their bodies on the beach, cover up skin when entering the wrestling ring?   Even more vexing, why must a young, handsome Ubermensch like Lucky Kid Chong, 18, 6'0", 176#, wear baggy gear that looks unsettlingly like the long skirts the girls had to wear at the Christian school I went to in the 1960s?

Lucky wrestles solo and alongside "Young and Strong" teammate Cem Kaplan, 19, 6'3", 197#, with German Wrestling Federation and German Stampede Wrestling.  The young Berliner is a high-flyer specializing in lucha-libre-flavored dropkicks.  Like his tag partner, Lucky (born Metehan Kocabasoglu) is a German-born Muslim of Turkish ancestry.  Throw Turk and German together, and he had no other choice but to wrestle.  He's been in the pro ring since age fifteen.


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