Protect and Serve

Chicago wrestler Jason Hades, 24, 5'8", 185#, who wrestled most recently with Dreamwave Wrestling and Chicago Style Wrestling, retires this month from professional wrestling to pursue a career in law enforcement.  For the past two years, he has ranked as one of my favorite three wrestlers, more often than not in the #1 position--just count the number of posts devoted to him.  Last year's PWI500 listed him in the 201st position in the world.  A talented heel and babyface, he was a tough and reckless wrestler, with sparkling eyes, high cheekbones, thin lips perpetually in a porpoise smile.  Good luck to you, Jason, if you happen to read this post.  I'll miss you in the ring.  Sad to say, pro wrestling just will not be the same for me now.


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