TJ Austin

Apart from a July 2003 photo spread in Freshmen magazine and a red hot sex wrestling match (Can Am's Mat Attack 3, also 2003), I've got nothing on TJ Austin.  Whether he posed or wrestled under other names, I don't know.  (His Mat Attack opponent, Ben Campezi, stretched his career to three years in porn, but, as far as I can tell, this was his one appearance as a wrestler.)  But Austin makes quite an impression in his one shot at mat glory.  Austin is built prettily and sturdily, more like an archaic Greek kouros than the ripped muscle god of most gay men's fantasies, that is, his musculature looks more like he plays sports than works out every day.  According to the Mat Attack rule book, each match is two out of three falls.  First fall gets the victor a blow job.  The second gets him access rights to the loser's ass.  This match runs the full three rounds, with Austin at last winning over Campezi, who is at first visibly shaken and pissed at the unexpected loss, but starts pleading "Take me" in a matter of a minute.  The fight itself is convincing, as these things go, with the groping, slapping intensity of Naked Kombat and the nonstop bad mouthing of Thunder's Arena.  I originally acquired this disk because it features Jason Adonis's second appearance in the Can-Am series.  Adonis is terrific, of course--happily in looks and in fight alike--but Austin is the surprise, and this is the sort of surprise I like.


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