Tristan Archer

Tristan Archer, 25, 5'11", 205#, trained in Calgary, Alberta, before entering the pro ring at the close of 2009, joining the roster at N'Catch, and becoming an almost instantaneous wrestling star in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.  The man is about as perfect as they come.  That ass looks like a pair of boxing gloves pressed together.  And his raw-boned and handsome face, with its severe jawline and predatory eyes, epitomizes my idea of manly beauty.  The taciturn, all-business wrestler says he has no particular signature wrestling style, preferring to tailor his approach to the style of his opponent.  You can see the fire in his eyes as he sizes up his adversary, calculating the most economic means of taking his man down.  (More to the point of this post, though, Archer stirs distinct erotic memories for me, circa 1985, from the Spartan cut of his hair down to his muscular thighs, the imprint of the best fuck of my life, but I'll spare you the details till my sensational tell-all memoirs are published.)  Here he is in a match from September 2010, against Tony Cecaldi, who touts himself as having the "most beautiful ass in catch wrestling" ... fighting words.


  1. Thanks for turning me on to Tristan Archer.
    And thanks to Tristan Archer for turning me on. Lovin' the hi-def vids on youtube.


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