Venus as a Boy

Johnny Olson, 5'8", 160#, was one of BG Enterprise's prettiest muscle-boy wrestlers.  With Davy De Angelo (aka Clayton Titus) as his partner in the ring, he faced no less a challenge than the tag team of Kid Leopard and Kid Vicious.  Solo, he fought Jungle Stud and Corby Banning.  It is his fight against Banning that's my favorite.  Olson had a torso of prepubescent silkiness, yet solid, on strong hairy legs that offset his boyish face and the bounce of his hair.  In some of the posed stills, Olson has the offhand grace and stateliness of Botticelli's Venus (but as retouched by Tom of Finland), perfectly at ease while surfing on a half-shell.  In Young Musclestuds 5, Banning outweighed and outfought him, but Olson put up a good (though futile) defense.  If his godlike physique were not enough, Olson knew how to groan, gag, gurgle, and grunt.  He was a model cute jobber, one from whom some of the new mat eaters might learn a thing or two. 


  1. These outstanding pics of Johnny Olson bring back memories of his fights and of countless hours fantasizing about him. Not a great wrestler but a outstanding muscleboy who made for a luscious jobber.

  2. Great posed pics.
    Please also show some of him suffering at the hands to tough heels.

  3. This is JoshH, but for some reason google isn't allowing blog posts. So, anonymously...

    Olson was one of those (very) pleasant surprises when I first got into gay wrestling videos. He'd obviously turned in his handful of performances before I'd ever discovered Can-Am or any of the vid sites, so his images and work certainly wasn't being promoted. I remember being simultaneously thrilled and surprised when I saw his pictures: thrilled because, as a lover of hot hunks being bashed, he was certainly among the hottest; surprised because of the complete void, utter absence of any sort of promotion of him at all.

    There's this myth that if a guy is "hot" and has a nice body, then all it takes to make a decent match with him is a skimpy pair of trunks and some generic flexing. Nothing can be further from the truth. Manufacturing a decent squash job is an art, one that most people have absolutely no ability to direct. It's a fantasy that only exists within gay pro wrestling. In fact, it's really the only "exclusively gay" wrestling fantasy. I mean, every other type of match and wrestler from the gay scene has some sort of parallel on the straight scene (from spunky twinky high flyers to scrappy shooters to grizzled older vets even to burly leather daddies replete with harnesses and tit piercings and tattoos), but there's never been a single match from WWE or WCW or TNA or any of them where the deliberate design was to take a "hot" guy, make him seem hotter via his gear, his character development and the subsequent reactions of his opponents, precisely to draw in viewers and paying customers to watch him suffer before going down to defeat.

    You're right when you say current wrestling companies would do well to go back and learn from what Olson represented and did well. But the thing is, it's not the wrestlers who need to watch him, but the producers themselves. All it takes is one well-intentioned kid who's given too much influence and too little direct instruction on what makes gay pro wrestling distinctive, or one well-intentioned match description that draws back a bit from actually promoting a specific match simply because the writer slightly resents how completely gushing some fans are for the so-called prettyboy types, to undermine and obfuscate an entire genre of wrestling.

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    1. Me too! :) "He believes in beauty..."

  5. The best muscle jobber on web!!!

  6. I have listed some photos of Johnny Olson in the blue bikini briefs from BG East Wresting.


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