Three wishes for Beau Hopkins, 6'1", 217#:
  • more wins--I just wanted the guy on top a little more, showing some moxie and grit
  • acting lessons--squinting works only so much
  • not so much product--sure, take care of the hair and the skin, but enough already
Still, he was the first face to draw me to Can-Am, or one of the first.  A definite bright spot in '90s-era homo-kink wrestling catalogs.  Here we see him looking his best, with hair on his chest, stomach, and pits, thick, sturdy but not chiseled, giving it up (again and again and again) to fellow stud muffin Tom Flex, 6'0", 204#,  in Supermatch 11.  I liked the waxed Beau too, but Can-Am had plenty enough smooth boys on its roster.  Beau's HC made him stand out.


  1. LOL, as they say. Totally agree, though I much prefer the hairy Beau; also his flexibility really got me.


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